Medical Care Is Often Unplanned And Exorbitantly Expensive

People do not plan on becoming seriously ill or getting injured in catastrophic traffic accidents. When unexpected bills from Ohio hospitals, physicians, surgeons and therapists begin to pile up, and insurance does not cover it all, the mountain of debt can quickly become too great to ever repay.

The problem is compounded by the fact that a medical emergency often leaves the victim without the ability to work for a significant period of time. With no income and no way to satisfy the hospital's creditors who keep calling and sending letters, what can you do?

Thankfully, there are options. I am Robert E. Bardwell, Jr., Attorney at Law, and I have helped countless people like you to free themselves from overwhelming medical debts. With 25-plus years of experience as a Columbus medical bills attorney, I have the knowledge you seek.

Eliminating Your Medical Debts Through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool. If you are eligible to file for Chapter 7, your hospital bills and other medical debts can be completely eliminated. If you file for Chapter 13 instead, you will only have to pay back as much as you can reasonably afford within three to five years. After that, the remaining balance will be erased.

During your initial, no-obligation meeting with me, I will sit down with you and listen to the details of your case. I will then explain the different types of bankruptcy, what to expect from the process, and the pros and cons of filing in your particular situation. You can count on me to be honest and open about your options. If bankruptcy is not right for you, I am not the kind of lawyer who would pressure you into such a course.

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