Beginning Again With A Fresh Financial Start

If you are considering eliminating your unsecured debts and freeing yourself from creditor harassment by filing bankruptcy, you are not alone. A FindLaw survey found that one out of every eight Americans has thought seriously about bankruptcy at one point or another.

What To Do After Bankruptcy

I am Robert E. Bardwell, Jr., Attorney at Law, and I want you to know that there is life after bankruptcy. Over my past 25-plus years as a lawyer, I have helped countless individuals to not only get out of debt but to also rebuild their lives, businesses and credit scores.

Here are a few common concerns that people have about the future:

  • Buying a house: Many individuals find that they begin receiving home loan offers or similar letters in the mail as soon as the bankruptcy is filed. Usually, within 18 months or so of filing, a person can be approved for a federal housing assistance (FHA) loan.
  • Renting an apartment: Some landlords will check your credit score before renting to you and some will not. However, I have never seen a client become homeless because no one would rent to him or her after filing bankruptcy.
  • Getting a credit card: Generally within six months of filing, you can get a secured credit card, which draws upon money you place into an account ahead of time. After a year, you will likely be eligible for an unsecured credit card, which is the typical kind of card.
  • Keeping a job: Some individuals — especially those with government security clearances — are concerned that filing bankruptcy may result in job termination. However, I have assisted several federal employees with security clearances and have not seen any of them lose their jobs over it.
  • Finding a new job: If you are seeking employment in a financial institution, a bankruptcy on your record may impact your chances of getting the job. In most other situations, however, employers are not concerned about it.

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