Helping You Move Forward From Credit Card Debt

I am Robert E. Bardwell, Jr., Attorney at Law, and I know how easy it is for people to accumulate thousands of dollars of credit card debt without intending it. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and other companies fill people's mailboxes with card offers and make it easier than ever to spend money before it is earned. Steep interest rates turn the process into a slippery slope, leading individuals farther and farther into financial bondage.

If this describes your situation, there is hope. Over the past 25-plus years spent as a Columbus credit card debt attorney, I have helped countless Ohio residents like you discharge their debts and start anew.

Being sued? Even if you are currently being sued by Visa or another company, I can help. As your bankruptcy lawyer, I will handle all aspects of stopping the lawsuit for you and work to get your debts discharged in spite of any judgment against you.

How Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Credit Card Obligations

When you file bankruptcy, you can often discharge or erase all your unsecured debts. Credit card bills are a type of unsecured debt, as are medical bills and license reinstatement fees.

There are only a few situations where a person's credit card obligations may not be eliminated. One such situation is if you knowingly make expensive purchases right before filing bankruptcy, hoping to avoid payment. Another situation is if you committed fraud by lying on your initial card application.

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†The firm is a debt relief agency and helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.